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Why Do I Love Terrible Things: Glee

We keep a little spreadsheet of post ideas and publish dates around here at The Friendship Shore headquarters.  When I opened it up just now to see what my next post should be about, a big grin spread across my face.  “Glee” read the topic cell.  The chorus singing the word “Glee!” like at the […]

Day Drinking: A New Frontier

Those who know me, know that I go to bed early.  Early like your 70 year old grandma goes to bed early.  9pm is not a crazy bedtime in my book.  10:30 is downright late.  Also like your 70 year old grandmother, I like to drink booze.  My favorite way to fit that into my […]

You Can’t Always Get What You Want

I have a curse.  My hair has been the bane of my existence as long as I can remember.  This straight, voluminous mane mocks me from atop my head every day.  Its ability to bounce back from insane chemical treatments ruins every attempt at an “edgy” or “interesting” hairdo.  Most importantly though, it refuses to […]

Obituaries for the Goldfish I Have Killed

Goldfish I I don’t remember where you came from; I think maybe the Rose Festival, but it’s impossible to recall. You were my first goldfish. I dumped you into the aquarium with the bubbling treasure chest and the mean zebra fish and all the other fish I loved so much for a time. And then I decided […]

Why Do I Love Terrible Things: Call Me Maybe

One of the things that the three of us have most in common has always been our love of terrible things. Did we name our blog after a line from Talledega Nights? Yep. Did we once take an 8 hour road trip with just one Mika CD to entertain us for the duration? Affirmative. Is […]

The Eternal Struggle: Television versus Movies

There’s always a lot of hype about movies. Insane amounts of money go into them. The special effects are top notch. These all seem like good things. But I still like TV better. Reason #1: Movies are too long Movies are long and just getting longer. Two hours always seemed like a long time for […]

Organ vs. Body Donation

On May 1, Facebook announced that they’ll be encouraging their users to declare their organ donor status, according to the New York Times. They say they want to use “peer pressure” to get people talking about organ donation and hopefully get more people to do it.  Personally, I don’t get it. Then again, I don’t understand […]