Day Drinking: A New Frontier

Those who know me, know that I go to bed early.  Early like your 70 year old grandma goes to bed early.  9pm is not a crazy bedtime in my book.  10:30 is downright late.  Also like your 70 year old grandmother, I like to drink booze.  My favorite way to fit that into my schedule is by drinking during the day.

Day drinking is thought by some to be the hallmark of an alcoholic. I disagree.  In fact, day drinking is my favorite type of drinking.  It combines my dual loves of sunshine and refreshingly boozy drinks.

Drinking isn’t just an evening activity anymore.  There’s no need to stay up late to get your fill of alcohol; no need to throw off your entire sleep schedule to have a couple drinks.  Instead, have a drink with lunch.  Or maybe after work.  There are plenty of daylight hours available when the bars are less crowded and the drink specials are in effect.  If you start early, you can be done early.  There is no need to stay up until all hours of the night to have a drink.  Besides, there are some drinks that are just better when enjoyed during the daylight.

Take, for example, the classic gin and tonic. The G and T is light and refreshing: perfect for a sunny afternoon.  In fact, the gin and tonic has its roots in a very sunny part of the world: India.  The British East India Company first introduced this refreshing cocktail to the world.  Malaria was a problem in India and quinine, the source of the bitter taste of tonic water, was effective at treating the disease.  Quinine was mixed with water, sugar, lime and gin to make it more appetizing.  G and T’s of the early 19th century were much more bitter than those of today.  Because quinine is no longer used to treat malaria, much less is added to tonic water than in the past.  To this day, gin and tonics are thought of as a warm weather drink, great for enjoying in the sun.

The mint julep, a Kentucky Derby staple, is another great afternoon drink.  Kentucky bourbon mixed with sweet mint syrup.  When served over ice in the traditional silver cups this drink is a wonderful compliment to fancy hats and race horses.  Besides, nothing beats bourbon in the afternoon.

And let’s not forget the irish coffee.  A cup of coffee with whiskey and cream is a great way to start a cold weekend morning.

With all these delicious drinks, it’s time to take drinking out of the night and onto our patios.


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  1. […] my eggs for breakfast, dessert after dinner (not before), and heavy drinking left for night time.  Heidi recently wrote a post about day drinking, when the sun is out and everything.  I find drinking during the daytime to be a novelty, sure. […]

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