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Why Do I Love Terrible Things: Grey’s Anatomy

I swear I’m not obsessed with TV. It just seems that way. To continue the trend, let’s talk about Grey’s Anatomy. I recently started watching it on Netflix. I’m only about halfway through season 2, but I’m kind of addicted. Addicted, even though I know it’s terrible. The characters are excessively childish and selfish, if […]

California: Not the Worst Place Ever

I moved to California with all the usual Oregonian bias: Californians are materialistic, money-obsessed bad drivers.  I came fully planning to dislike California.  Never in my life did I expect to live in California.  Then I got a job offer I couldn’t pass up and moved here.  I wouldn’t call myself a Californian yet, but […]

The Story I’m Not Allowed to Tell

When I was in 8th grade I won a limo lunch. That’s all I have to say, and my friends start ducking me. They groan, “Nooooo.” They cover their ears. My guy says, “I thought you weren’t going to tell this story anymore.” The Limo Lunch Story, they call it. I don’t even have to […]

Shower Curtains vs. Doors

(Source) I’m pretty sure most of you are familiar with the Shower Principal, but in case you’re not, I’ll give you a quick rundown:  when you’re working on a hard problem and get stuck, take a break.  It’s often when one is distracted, such as when they’re taking a shower, that a solution comes.  I […]

Why Do I Love Terrible Things: Cheyenne Jackson

(Source) I’m not typically one for celebrity stalking.  Rarely do I have favorite celebrities whose every move I watch.  However, I do have a ton of actors whose work I love and who I get excited about when they cross the screen.  I will often squeal and send Megan excited Gchats that say things like […]

Dino Road Trip

It’s no secret that we at The Friendship Shore like dinosaurs.  An eight hour round-trip drive (with only a MIKA CD to keep us entertained) to Prehistoric Gardens–Oregon’s dinosaur themed roadside attraction–proves our dedication to seeking out the best dinosaur experience since the Mesozoic era.  With the help of Minnie’s mad research skills, I put […]

Top Five Spice Girls Songs That Were Never Singles

In the 90s I was just another young kid with a pocket full of pogs and the dream that one day, once I was legal, Lance Bass would look my way and fall instantly in love. My tendency to fall for the gay boys aside, the 90s were my oyster. As a pre-teen, my knowledge […]

I Want You To Want Me

(Source) I am absurdly underemployed.  As one of the thousands of people who graduated college in 2009, I’ve been facing the recession down the barrel during a time when I’m trying to establish a profession for myself.  In three years, I’ve been an intern (paid and unpaid), a babysitter, unemployed and, for the majority of […]

The Amazing Race Challenge

The first thing we did was start fighting. This was our chance, our opportunity to pretend we were on the Amazing Race. Our chance to test our Race prowess — our smarts, our speed, our super-sensory perception of the world around us — and we were fighting about not having a pen. My guy and […]