Why Do I Love Terrible Things: TV Shows About Giant Families

To continue with the trend of defending terrible TV shows, this week I’ll be talking about my overwhelming love of television shows about giant families, such as 7th Heaven and 19 Kids and Counting.

In high school I was a foreign exchange student in Austria.  People would often ask me what America was like.  My favorite question about America was at a friend’s birthday party: If America was like the TV show 7th Heaven?  My answer was yes.  Yes it is.

Maybe all of America isn’t just like 7th Heaven, but that doesn’t make the show any less wonderful.  My love of 7th Heaven comes not so much from the moralistic part, but from the giant family.  I’ve always been fascinated by giant families.  It seems like so much fun to have a whole bunch of brothers and sisters.  Growing up with just one of each, I definitely got the fun and fights of having siblings.  Even more brothers and sisters seems like it would just double the fun, and probably quadruple the fights.  7th Heaven gave all the joy and anguish of a large family without needing to share the bathroom with so many people.

My love of TV shows about giant families doesn’t end there.  I’m a bit ashamed to admit just how much I enjoy watching 19 Kids and Counting.  It’s intriguing how giant families like the Duggars function.  In the case of 19 Kids and Counting, by having the big ones take care of the little ones.  Older kids are assigned younger ones to care for.  The older kids even help out with homeschooling the younger kids.

It’s always interesting to see how other people live, whether through a TV drama or a reality series.  The logistics of caring for 7 children–much less 19–is fun to watch and makes for enthralling television.  I can experience a large family vicariously through my television without living with so many siblings.  Yet another reason why television is so wonderful.


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