I Love the 90s?

The 1990s were a magical time for me.  From jelly sandals to The Spice Girls, I have some of my fondest fashion memories from this time.  This is why I’m super excited to have gathered enough material to dedicate an entire post to ‘90s trends I’ve seen making a comeback recently!  Fantastical!

(Image via Refinery 29)
This majestic top shows that you can still be bedazzled with less shirt.

The Crop Top
Personally, I don’t get the whole crop-top thing.  Why would you want to create a line between the top and bottom of your outfit?  I find the strip of skin distracting, rather than flattering to the figure (exception:  tied button down shirts.)  The top shown here is ridiculous to me because it looks like it’s made of painted tin ceiling tiles.

(Image via Modcloth)

Jelly Sandals

Lord help me if I don’t love a jelly sandal.  I don’t know what it is about the shiny, semi-pliable plastic shoes that makes my heart melt, but it does.  True story:  in 2008, I was not as well-equipped in the shoe department as I am now.  I needed a pair of sandals to wear to the County Fair.  For some reason, I was horrified at the idea of wearing sneakers on a date.  It was toward the end of summer and all I could find at Target was a pair of clear jelly sandals.  They’re uncomfortable and they make a weird squeaking noise when you walk, but I hung on to them.  They even came with me to China later that year.

(Image via ShoeDazzle)


I’m not shy about bright colors, so the fact that neon colored anything has been trending for the past few seasons tickles me.  It did, however, make my recent search for a simple, everyday bag difficult.  The sensible side of me kept trying to focus on neutrals and purses that don’t scream “personality” during interviews.  But the websites kept showing me flashy pinks and punchy blues that screamed “Buy me!  Buy me!!”

(Image via StyleList)
This whole mess could have stayed in the ‘90s, really

Sweatshirt Around the Waist

In “The Care and Keeping of You,” a book by American Girl published in 1998, preteen girls are advised that tying a sweatshirt around their waists can be a convenient way to cover a period that catches you by surprise.  I guess that still holds up, if it’s like a real pinch and you happen to have a hoodie on hand.  For any other occasion, Kanye West, there’s really no excuse to make it look like you’ve made a tent around the lower half of your body.

(Image via Complex:  Style)

Cosby Sweater
Here’s the thing, I love a good ugly sweater party.  So I need thrift stores to keep a decent stock of them for cheap, that way I can buy it as a costume, wear it to the party, and then donate it right back.  Not only does Cosby Sweaters being “trendy” right now deplete my thrift store selection, it also doesn’t look good on any person.  It didn’t look good on my art teacher in third grade, it’s not going to look good on you now.  Put the ugly sweater down and step away.


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