Top Five Spice Girls Songs That Were Never Singles

In the 90s I was just another young kid with a pocket full of pogs and the dream that one day, once I was legal, Lance Bass would look my way and fall instantly in love. My tendency to fall for the gay boys aside, the 90s were my oyster. As a pre-teen, my knowledge of all things pop-culture was a point of pride, and no one knew more than me about the Spice Girls. I would lock myself in my room with my CDs and dial-up internet connection and fill my brain with all sorts of useless trivia. Did you know that it’s thanks to the Spice Girls that “Girl Power” is a part of the Oxford English Dictionary?

The thing about knowing those CDs so well? You know deep down that the casual listener never really got the opportunity to revel in everything the Ladies Spice had to offer. Sure they released A LOT of singles, but they weren’t doing it with Katy Perry-like tenacity. Maybe that’s because people now tend more toward buying individual songs, so singles are more important than ever. Whatever the reason, the Seasoning Maidens left a lot of gold on their albums. Pull up your bean bag, slap on your bracelet, and enjoy Megan’s Top Five Spice Girls Songs Never Released As Singles (think of that being said in an epic voice, otherwise the title is just TOO LONG)

#5 – I U Can’t Dance

I always preferred the singles from Spice, the first of the Girls’ albums, but this song makes its way onto the list at number 5 because of its catchy chorus, and as a reminder that in the 90s it was seen as vitally important that female pop stars attempt some form of misdirected rapping at some point in their career. In this song they do it in Spanish! With record scratches! To the beat of The Humpty Dance!

#4 – Saturday Night Divas

It may be only in retrospect, with a little experience as a woman scorned, that I love this poppy take on just getting out and doing whatever the hell you want because you can. Still, I’ve always found myself completely taken with the melodic pre-chorus bridge, and nothing speaks to the soul of a 90s girl like excessive repeating of the chorus into a fade.

#3 – The Lady is a Vamp

Take a young girl with a flair for the dramatic and hand her a cabaret-style song that plays up feminism and pretty power girls in thigh-high boots? Jackpot! It may have been the days when I knew I would never be a feminist because I was going to wear makeup someday, but it was the anthem for a girl who learned to play basketball just to show the boys who didn’t want her on their team what jackasses they were.

#2 – Do It

I don’t think I realized how much I loved this song until I started going through the tracks in researching this post. You want to talk anthems for the young feminist in the lipstick? This was all that, and I think maybe the root of my disinterest in traditional female morals. Now as a smart woman in her 20s this is the perfect kick-off for my Pre-Interview, Pre-Conference, Pre-Life Get Psyched Mix.

#1 – Never Give Up On the Good Times

The only of the Spice Girls tracks that still regularly makes its way onto road trip mix CDs and my running playlists. The disco beat and harmonies are addictive to me. I need them like I need ice cold coke from a can, and soup on any day less then 50 degrees. This would have been a single, but for Ginger Spice’s abrupt departure from the group which qualifies it to top our list.

What do you think? Am I way off base, or did you just not realize how much you were missing by sticking to the radio?

Megan is still mourning the loss of her pogs, especially her razor edge slammer



  1. Michelle · · Reply

    Yes to all five. For real. Especially The Lady is a Vamp. Will you make us a Besties Weekend Playlist?

    1. I guess I have to! Would you put it in the same order? Did I forget anything?

      1. Michelle · ·

        Brilliant idea: Make a playlist, email the songs to me, I’ll make my playlist with the same songs and listen to it on the drive up so I can get excited! I think the order is spot on. Never Give Up…is obviously #1, but I do love If You Can’t Dance and may switch it with Saturday Night Divas.

    2. Also, way too few people appreciate “The Lady is a Vamp”


  3. These 5 songs were always my favorites! Good to know that others appreciated them as much as I did and do. 🙂

    1. The middle schooler in me is just so glad to finally find other people who appreciate “The Lady is a Vamp.” None of my peers at the time seemed to get it. I am now rocking out to the Spice Girls Pandora station.

  4. Rachel · · Reply

    The most terrifying part about reading this, is that as I scrolled through past each video, I immediately heard these songs playing in my head. i still have photos of myself getting ready to leave to go to see the Spice Girls with my Aunt. Precious memories.

    1. I am so jealous that you got to see them! I know how it is though. All I need to see is the title of any of their songs, and it is stuck in my head all day

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