Dino Road Trip

It’s no secret that we at The Friendship Shore like dinosaurs.  An eight hour round-trip drive (with only a MIKA CD to keep us entertained) to Prehistoric Gardens–Oregon’s dinosaur themed roadside attraction–proves our dedication to seeking out the best dinosaur experience since the Mesozoic era.  With the help of Minnie’s mad research skills, I put together this map showing the plethora of dinosaur attractions in America.

Dinosaur attraction roundup:

Prehistoric Gardens: This is the only one I’ve actually visited and it was well worth the long drive.  From the garishly painted T-Rex visible from the highway to the Triceratops babies inside, these life size dinosaur replicas in a real rainforest setting are worth the trip.

Wyoming Dinosaur Center: Visit dinosaur dig sites or check out the museum to walk through the evolution of ancient life.

Dinosaur Park in South Dakota: More life-size replicas of all your favorite dinosaurs (or at least the most popular ones).  These guys appear to be painted in colors almost as bright and inaccurate as Prehistoric Gardens.

Dinosaur Valley State Park: Check out some of the best preserved dinosaur tracks around at this Texas park.  And if that’s not enough, there’s always the dinosaur statues to check out.

Dinosaur World: 12 acres of dinosaur statuary.  Even a few animatronic ones.

Dinosaur Park, Maryland: Visit this park to check out fossils from the Early Cretaceous period.  A garden with plans similar to those from prehistoric times completes the experience.

Dinosaur State Park: This park will let you explore dinosaur tracks as well as extensive gardens.


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