Why Do I Love Terrible Things: Cheyenne Jackson


I’m not typically one for celebrity stalking.  Rarely do I have favorite celebrities whose every move I watch.  However, I do have a ton of actors whose work I love and who I get excited about when they cross the screen.  I will often squeal and send Megan excited Gchats that say things like “Mr. Nigel Murray AND Miss Daisy Wick BOTH have appearances on Mad Men!!!!!!” when these lovely serendipitous moments happen.

Cheyenne Jackson is one of those actors.  Until writing this article, I actually knew next to nothing about him, other than that he was fantastic on 30 Rock and was also on Glee for a while.  Here are some fun facts about Mr. Jackson:

  • He grew up in Washington and was living in Seattle when he took interest in theater.
  • He was a backup singer for Liza Minnelli.
  • He’s like…a hunk.  Finding a picture of him as something other than a beefcake with piercing blue eyes was a bit of a challenge.

So here’s the deal:  much more than the actors, I fall in love with the characters they play.  Hence why instead of using her real name, I call Carla Gallo “Miss Daisy Wick.”  The first time I noticed Chey (we’re on nick-name terms), he was playing an awkward Canadian named Danny Baker on 30 Rock.  In the way that all relationships are influenced by other people, my affection for him grew mainly from my fondness for Canada.  Our adorkable neighbors to the North (as they are portrayed in TV) bring a smile to my face and warmth to my heart.  Plus, I love hockey.  So I warmed up to Danny Baker like a Newfoundlander to wood stove.  That’s when Chey’s face became one I recognized on shows.

Other characters he’s played on shows I love include Dustin Goolsby on Glee and Timothy D’Artagnon on Ugly Betty.  Goolsby is a cutthroat show choir coach who simply doesn’t stack up and eventually gets canned from Vocal Adrenaline.  D’Artagnon is only in one episode of Ugly Betty, in which he plays a single father Marc tries to woo.  I had to watch the episode (season 3, episode 17) to jog my memory of the character.  I’ll admit that Chey’s character is forgettable, but it’s still worth watching–Betty’s dad gets into a cook-off with a TV chef!

When you’re aware of things, you’re more likely to look for them in your daily life.  When you get a new car, you notice just how many others of the same model are on the road.  The same thing applies to TV:  when you’re aware of an actor, you’re more likely to notice when they’re on the screen.  I look forward to seeing more of Chey–and squealing when I do.

Minnie isn’t “stalking” you…she just really enjoys Googling your name and taking pictures of your house.


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