Shower Curtains vs. Doors


I’m pretty sure most of you are familiar with the Shower Principal, but in case you’re not, I’ll give you a quick rundown:  when you’re working on a hard problem and get stuck, take a break.  It’s often when one is distracted, such as when they’re taking a shower, that a solution comes.  I wasn’t working out a problem, but a great idea still came to me in the shower a few days ago:  a comparison of shower curtains to sliding glass doors and why I don’t really like either.

Here’s what happened:  I was taking a shower, one of my least favorite activities as it is, and the curtain kept sticking to me.  I’m not a small person, so I wonder if this is a problem lots of people have or if it’s just me and my big hips.  Whilst standing under the water, my hips often bump into the plastic sheet and it sticks.  Now how am I  to soap that part of my body down with a big ol’ piece of plastic stuck to it?  When I’m shampooing my hair, my elbows always bump into the damn thing.  It makes me feel claustrophobic, almost.  I hate that.

On the other hand, glass doors on showers often remind me of the ‘70s.  The texture and metal trimming just shout it at me.  This may be caused in part by the bathroom at my parents’ house–until about 2 years ago, it looked like something out of a Wes Craven film.  With glass shower doors, there’s also the fact that they constantly look dirty.  Soap scum builds up on them and then water trickles through it, creating little streaks of ickyness–like the door has been crying.  I don’t like to mix crying and showers, if at all possible.

However, shower doors offer something I desperately need–extra storage for all your unnecessary soaps and scrubs, rubber duckies and lotions.  For some reason, no bathroom ever has enough space for all the crap I relegate to it.  Especially the shower.  Are those little inlets at the corners really supposed to hold all the bath products one person needs?  Along with the extra storage, glass doors also let more light into the tub than your average curtain.  And they don’t stick to me.  I feel significantly less boxed-in in a shower with doors.

Some pros to the shower curtain include being able to change up your bathroom decor and the ability to have bathtub time.  What’s bathtub time?  It was a thing my friends and I did in college where we would pile into the bathtub (with the water turned off) and sit in it.  It’s not really possible to do that in a shower with doors.  Then again, when was the last time we had bathtub time?  I’d have to say it was when I was about 19.  Maaaaybe 20.  So perhaps it’s not much of an argument in favor of shower curtains.  But I do really like that you can change your shower curtain and thus change up your whole decor scheme.  That curtain takes up a lot of visual space.

But here’s my ideal solution to the “I don’t really like shower doors or curtains” issue:  bigger showers.  As I mentioned, my parents remodeled their bathroom a few years back.  The remodel included adding a walk-in shower, which is about 6 feet long and 4 feet wide.  Nothing sticks to me, I don’t feel claustrophobic and even if it had glass doors (which it doesn’t) the shower could definitely fit 4 people, seated, comfortably.  Other than the storage issue (which my parents solved with a shelf that’s the whole width of the shower), all my problems are solved.


Mini notices everything.


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  1. Rachel · · Reply

    Stone showers. No door, no curtain. Just sexy matte finish under your feet and a bottle of Clorox every three months.

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