Why Do I Love Terrible Things: Grey’s Anatomy

I swear I’m not obsessed with TV. It just seems that way. To continue the trend, let’s talk about Grey’s Anatomy. I recently started watching it on Netflix. I’m only about halfway through season 2, but I’m kind of addicted. Addicted, even though I know it’s terrible. The characters are excessively childish and selfish, if not downright jerks.

Mostly, they’re just childish. I have worked in many different settings, libraries, offices, grocery stores. None had as much childish drama as Seattle Grace Hospital. Maybe the competitiveness of surgery led to the drama, but I’m inclined to believe it came from selfish people believing the world should revolve around them. For example: chief of surgery needs brain surgery and he comes back a week later trying to get cleared for the OR. Even before he nearly passed out because of the tumor while in surgery. People’s lives are in your hands. Do not work when you’re incapable of doing it well.

It’s not just the attendings, the interns are selfish too. Dr. Yang comes into work with a fever because she doesn’t want to miss anything. She works in a building full of people with weakened immune systems. Note to Christina: stay home when you’re sick. There’s no need to spread that around to everyone else.

And then there’s McDreamy — the worst of them all. He doesn’t seem that bad most of the time, except when he’s taking advantage of drunk women. After being consistently rebuffed by Meredith, he goes over to her house to try again and finds her falling-down-drunk. Not just kind of tipsy, but drinking-tequila-straight-from-the-bottle drunk. McDouchey shows up sober and comes onto her once more and she drunkenly acquiesces. Despite the fact that she’s drunk and unable to make informed decisions, despite the many times in the recent past that she’s straight up told him no, he still hooks up with her in his car. That could be considered rape: she’s too drunk to give consent and he already knows she doesn’t want to be with him. Yet he takes advantage of her when her guard is down. Not cool.

So why do I continue to watch this show despite my dislike of nearly all the characters. To be honest, I haven’t watched it for awhile. After writing this post filled with the terrible things about Grey’s I’m not sure I want to. Sure it’s full of drama and the medical parts are exciting, but all of the characters are terrible people–especially McDreamy.This column is supposed to defend our love of terrible things, but in this case it’s made me realize that maybe these terrible things are terrible for a reason and should be avoided. Time to delete you from my queue, Grey’s Anatomy.


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