Monthly Archives: July 2012

Scenes from a Mystery Illness

I ran my half marathon in June 2011, and now it’s August and I haven’t run much since. I’m feeling a little gross about myself and a lot out of shape, so I start running again. I’m pretty determined about it this time, and start meeting up with Minnie three days a week for cross-training. […]

Kanye West: Still the Genius Voice of a Generation?

I’m listening to “Watch the Throne” as I write this article, hoping to draw some inspiration from the album.  Besides wanting to do my best hardcore rapper impression, I’m also drawn to a comment Rakim made about Kanye West and Jay-Z’s particular brand of rap.  In an article for The Atlantic, David Samuels asked Rakim, […]

Why Do I Love Terrible Things: Teen Mom

I have already made it immensely clear that I like trashy TV.  So it’s not surprising to you when I announce that I love Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2, right?  Once you’re done laughing at how ridiculous I am, I will give you the basic breakdown of what I enjoy about the show. If […]

So… you want to write a guest post?

We recently decided as our blog really hit its stride, that we wanted to include more than just our own voices. Our goal in creating this blog was to look at life — the silly and the serious — from the perspective of young people in our twenties who share an age range but are […]

Alarm Clocks: More Annoying Than Ever

I’ve been having the hardest time getting up to my alarm clock the past few weeks.  Maybe I should go to bed earlier.  Or maybe I should get one of these ridiculous alarm clocks. The Wake-n-Shake iPhone app makes you shake your phone for a reeeally long time before it turns off.  It would certainly […]

Business Travel

When I first graduated, I had a vague idea of what I hoped to do with my degrees in Anthropology and Political Science, and an even hazier view of the path ahead. One of the things I wanted most was a job where I got to travel — put on my suit, wheel my little […]

Drinking: What Happens at Night Stays at Night

I’m a traditionalist.  I like my eggs for breakfast, dessert after dinner (not before), and heavy drinking left for night time.  Heidi recently wrote a post about day drinking, when the sun is out and everything.  I find drinking during the daytime to be a novelty, sure.  Something that I feel rebellious doing, but not […]

Bears Acting Like Humans

Some may call bears the #1 threat to America.  I happen to think they’re very patriotic.  Take this bear very obviously saying the pledge of allegiance. Really, bears are just like humans.  At least some of them seem to think so.

Why Does Anyone Date Taylor Swift?

Adele wrote a whole album about heartbreak. An album I was both grateful and wistful hadn’t come out five years earlier when it would have spoken to me, and echoed my heart, and cut through me. She took the stages of heartbreak and channeled them. She placed equal blame. And she did it all without […]

The Proust Questionnaire

I think the back page says a lot about a magazine.  It’s usually the first thing I read when I buy one.  Vanity Fair features the Proust Questionnaire, in which “luminaries” (their words, not mine) answer various questions about their thoughts on life.  The practice of giving little personal quizzes was common practice in the […]