Real Talk: Jobs Edition

Just like this guy, I climb ladders at work.

I recently got a real-life grown up job in the field of my choice.  It is awesome, but totally weird at the same time.  The weirdness comes from a couple factors: I’m working for the same boss I had during college; and I’m actually starting a career.  That’s just plain crazy!

Working for the same person in a different role took some getting used to.  During college, I was a student employee.  I was a very good student employee, but this was just a part-time college job. My opinion may have been asked if I happened to be nearby, but it wasn’t sought out.  Now, I’m a salaried employee whose opinion is actively asked.  It was a strange transition.

Going back to work for someone who had previously employed me was nice in many ways.  We already knew each other and worked well together.  There wasn’t that awkward getting to know you phase.  It was also very strange.  I was in a completely different role before.  I used to just come in and do my work then go home.  Now I get to be actively involved in projects and I’m expected to have opinions about things.  It was quite a shock when I first arrived.

Even stranger still, I have a real job!  A job in my field, no less.  After a year and a half of slinging coffee, an office job was a big transition.  I’ve been in the job for almost three months and it still feels unreal sometimes.  Like I can’t quite believe that I have a real job, a real career.  I have to start thinking about things like networking with others in this field.  Those people will be my colleagues for as long as I stick with this path.

As much as I love the new job, there are a few things I miss from my last one.  Selling coffee, I was on my feet all day.  Sometimes it was exhausting, but I find standing to be preferable to sitting at a computer for eight hours a day.  Talking with all sorts of coffee-drinkers was also fun.  Part of my current job is communicating with customers, but talking to someone over the phone or by email is not the same as the nearly constant face-to-face interaction of a coffee shop.

Most of all, it’s the terrible coffee jokes I miss.  My new job isn’t nearly as easy to make jokes about.  If someone seems at all disorganized or confused, I can’t joke that they need coffee.  It was so easy before.  There’s a plethora of barista jokes just waiting to be made to coffee deprived people who will laugh just to get their morning caffeine.  I always did love a bad joke.

Despite the lack of jokes about aerial photography, I do enjoy having a job that makes use of that college education I spent so much money on.  All in all, having a big kid job is pretty cool.


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  1. nancy · · Reply

    Now you can afford to BUY those fancy coffees – and use your jokes on the barista?

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