Why Does Anyone Date Taylor Swift?

Adele wrote a whole album about heartbreak. An album I was both grateful and wistful hadn’t come out five years earlier when it would have spoken to me, and echoed my heart, and cut through me. She took the stages of heartbreak and channeled them. She placed equal blame. And she did it all without naming names. And still I think… like hell I’d date Adele.

So with the knowledge that I’d be treated fairly, if called out on all my bullshit, and my identity hidden, I still wouldn’t want to risk dating Adele. Which begs the question: Why does any one date Taylor Swift?

Taylor Swift has been a force to be reckoned with on the country, and sometimes pop, charts since she broke onto the scene at age 16. One of the reasons she’s been so critically acclaimed and embraced by her young fans is that she uses her own experiences in her songs, writing about her crushes and heartbreaks, fights and experiences with bullies. However, as she has become more high profile, so have her relationships. And so too have the heartbreaks and the songs that follow. She has said in interviews that, “I’ve never been shy or secretive with the fact that if you walk into my life, you may be walking onto a record.”

And fine. You know, they say all’s fair in love and war, but more then that — all is fair in personal experience. I would never begrudge someone the opportunity to work through and share their own story. Hell, it’s no ones fault but your own if you treat people in a way that gets you called out. I don’t doubt that John Mayer deserved it (I did read that Playboy interview after all). Or the music critic who prompted her single Mean.

However, there is a line between writing what you know, and calling out the tabloid of your own life in order to garner attention for your work. Swift isn’t just her music: her albums gain far more attention for who the songs might be about then the musicality or lyrical development. She uses the liner notes of her albums to call out secret defining messages to help you find the culprit who wronged her this time. And they all wronged her. With the exception of Taylor Lautner (and I guess her “It’s okay Kanye. You made the President love me” song), her songs detail how wronged she has been by every man who has entered her life. Either girlfriend has some terrible taste in men, or she’s not telling it like it is.

Artistic license you might say, and I’d agree. It’s her story, and her right to tell it however she likes. I don’t think there is anything wrong with Taylor, or anybody, writing what is in their heart.  If we don’t write what we know, then how will we know what to write?

But… knowing that she’s going to tell your story. Knowing that she is as fair and balanced as Fox News. And knowing that you will be called out by the media– Why does any one date Taylor Swift?

Megan is very cultured — pop cultured. And with all fairness to Taylor, has “Mine” on repeat more often then she’d like to admit.


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  1. […] he is. She will certainly mention his famous family name, and I doubt he’ll actually deserve it. I’ve already expressed my doubts on Taylor’s ability to tell a break up story fairly, but there was one ex where I gave her a pass: John Mayer. On John, I faithfully accepted that […]

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