Alarm Clocks: More Annoying Than Ever

I’ve been having the hardest time getting up to my alarm clock the past few weeks.  Maybe I should go to bed earlier.  Or maybe I should get one of these ridiculous alarm clocks.

The Wake-n-Shake iPhone app makes you shake your phone for a reeeally long time before it turns off.  It would certainly wake me up, and my roommate, and all her pets.   Luckily, I don’t have an iPhone.

Jawbone’s Up is a silent alarm in the form of a wristband that wakes the wearer up gently by vibrating.  It claims to track you’re sleep cycle and wake you at the most natural time.  I just hope it doesn’t decide the most natural waking time is after a big morning meeting has started.

The Up might wake you up naturally, but it doesn’t sound nearly as fun as a Flying Alarm Clock.   A helecoptor piece flies away when the alarm goes off, making you get out of bed to find it and return it to the base to stop the beeping.

For a really stressful wakeup, try the Diffusable Alarm Clock.  Cut the wrong wire and it explodes!  Really it just flashes a mini-light show at you.  Probably not the most effective alarm, but it would make for a good conversation piece.

There’s always the old classic of silly alarm clocks, Clocky.  Don’t forget it’s cousin Tocky.  These guys start rolling across the room when you’re alarm goes off – forcing you to get out of bed or endure harsh beeping.  If you’re really lucky and don’t close your doors, your alarm clock might introduce you to a cute neighbor, like it the video below.


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