So… you want to write a guest post?

We recently decided as our blog really hit its stride, that we wanted to include more than just our own voices. Our goal in creating this blog was to look at life — the silly and the serious — from the perspective of young people in our twenties who share an age range but are otherwise in very different places in their lives. We were avid readers of similar blogs, but too often find that the writers were all pretty much in the same place when it came to relationships, careers, politics, etc etc etc. However, when it comes down to it, we don’t represent the total range of experience in your 20s — we’re only three people. This is why we want to include your voices!

Starting in August, we will feature guest writers on Fridays. We’re interested in your outlook, whether you express it with words, illustrations, videos, or some form of creepy performance art. Be it an essay on the merits of marriage, or a review of the worst restaurant you ever went to, we are interested! Just email us ( a detailed outline or draft of your piece (in the email body, through google docs, or as an attached word document), and we’ll let you know if we would like to run it. Keep it under 1,000 words, and be sure to include a photo to go along with it. All submissions should include a single sentence bio line where you may plug your own blog or explain who you are. Example: Megan is always on the hunt for perfect calamari, and writes about ridiculous stuff for The Friendship Shore. Except, make it good!

We are grateful to our awesome readers and excited to include you in our venture!


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