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Sports Bucket List

The concept of the bucket list is not a new one, though it seems to have gained some steam lately. Thank you Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson. Deriving from the Old English phrase “kick the bucket”, this is a list of everything you want to do before you die. The idea is a nice one, […]

Why Do I Love Terrible Things: Alec Baldwin

I never cared all that much about Alec Baldwin before 30 Rock.  Frankly, I wouldn’t have known him if I saw him on the street.  Also, there are 4 Baldwin brothers who are all actors, so even if you’d said “that’s Alec Baldwin!” when he walked by, I wouldn’t have known the difference between him […]

Place You Have to Visit: The Olympic Peninsula

Labor day weekend is upon us, and while some of us already have travel plans (weddings, weddings, SO MANY weddings), some of you might still be hunting for something to do. Have no fear: I travel for you so you know the best places to go, things to see, and extremely nerdy tours that I […]

What You’ve Missed In Reality TV This Summer

For some reason, no one I know has the same appetite for reality TV that I do.  I never thought of myself as one of “those” reality TV nuts, but recently more than one person has made a comment about how they’re just not as into it as me.  Megan and Heidi also both say […]

Guest Post: Loving Your Team — The Four Pillars of Fandom

As a college sophomore I witnessed one of the most ridiculous football games you will ever see. In 2005, The University of Oregon beat then 18th ranked Oklahoma in a game that left both sets of fans complaining about the refs after an historic comeback by my Ducks. Down 13 points, our quarterback threw his […]

Credit Sucks, But It’s Also Kinda Cool

Now that you’ve got your spending under control, let’s talk about that fair-weather friend: credit.  Credit kind of sucks, but there’s no escaping it.  It’s also really confusing.  At least I’ve always thought so.  But after some research, I’ve discovered that credit is not a mysterious number that changes on a whim.  You can control […]

Who Should Justin Timberlake REALLY Marry?

Justin Timberlake.  Singer, actor, dater of boring women.  I know his engagement to Jessica Biel isn’t new news, but I’m still upset about it.  There are much better choices he could make.  Let’s explore them! The terrible couple together in 2010. Kate Miucci.  She’s also a singer/actor/comedian.  She’s also cute and funny and quirky.  Sure, […]

Guest Post: Facing Your Fear of Aging

Anyone who has ever met me understands that while I am anatomically 24, I am physically and emotionally an 85-year-old woman. After years of working in jobs where carrying a purse full of hard candy and taking naps every afternoon was slightly frowned upon,  I finally found my niche in the wonderful world of retirement […]

Why Does Anyone Date John Mayer?

Taylor Swift is dating a Kennedy. Surely, this will end in heartbreak and a hit single about what a jerk he is. She will certainly mention his famous family name, and I doubt he’ll actually deserve it. I’ve already expressed my doubts on Taylor’s ability to tell a break up story fairly, but there was […]

Track Your Spending, Or Did I Seriously Spend That Much Money on Coffee Last Month?

So you’ve made a budget of your very own.  That’s super!  Now you just have to keep yourself from buying every awesome thing you see with complete disregard to how much money you’ve budgeted for awesome things.  Here’s what you have to do: Track your spending! I know, it’s a sooo much work and you […]