Rank a Rapper!

Recently, Megan and I were discussing music and somehow devolved into ranking rappers.  The thing about this ranking is that it’s non-standard.  How so?  Check it out:

1.  Drake

Drake, we decided is better than your ex boyfriend, who wrote raps on the toilet at work; but not as good as this video of singing corgis.

2.  Childish Gambino (Donald Glover)

The writer/actor/rapper is better than Drake (obvs), but not as good as that white guy on the corner who offers to rap for you for $1.00

3.  Kanye West

Mr. Kardashian has two different places on our scale, depending on how you feel about him.  The first is that he’s better than finding $10 in an old coat pocket but not as good as your piggy bank after your bat mitzvah.  Alternately, he could be better than a lifetime supply of cotton candy but not quite as good as a real life unicorn.

4.  Snoop Lion (nee Dogg)

Just above that conversation you have with your grandpa that is both hilarious, but vaguely racist; but just below coming home to find someone else has done all the laundry!

5.  Lil Wayne

Weezy sits between the Geico Gecko (on the low end) and The Motherfuckin’ Pterodactyl.

6.  Justin Bieber

When cuteness incarnate tries his had at rapping (such as in the song “Boyfriend”), he ranks above pedophelia but below your younger brother’s cute of-age friend who still makes you feel creepy.

Do you have any rankings you’d like to add?


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