Why Do I Love Terrible Things: Alec Baldwin

I never cared all that much about Alec Baldwin before 30 Rock.  Frankly, I wouldn’t have known him if I saw him on the street.  Also, there are 4 Baldwin brothers who are all actors, so even if you’d said “that’s Alec Baldwin!” when he walked by, I wouldn’t have known the difference between him and Billy, Daniel, or Stephen.  They were all pretty much the same to me.

But then came 30 Rock and my world changed.  Alec plays my ideal man on the show.  Powerful, smart, neurotic, suit-wearing.  From what I hear, his character is really an exaggerated version of himself, so by extension Baldwin seems to be my perfect man.  If only he didn’t have the tendency to fall into raging asshole-style rants…

The thing about those rants is that in the last few years, he’s seemed to handle the fallout from them reasonably gracefully.  After the awful voicemail for his daughter, which only made him look like a terrible human being, Alec began using his gaffes as comedic fodder.  He was not in favor of G.W. Bush as president and at one point declared that if Bush won, he would move to Canada.  I think we know by now that he didn’t move, but when the Bush era was over, he did write an article for The Huffington Post titled “The Bush Nightmare is Over,” then hopped onto the late-night junket to mine his political statements for comedy gold.  Earlier this summer, he attacked a paparazzo outside the marriage New York City’s Marriage License Bureau, then paraded around the streets of NYC covered by a sheet.  Ok, that’s not grace, but it’s poking fun of the incident…?

There’s also the American Airlines incident.  If you’ve been living under a rock for the last 6 months, Alec was booted from a plane for refusing to turn off his iPhone.  Then he wrote an article on The Huffington Post bashing American Airlines.  But now he’s poking fun of himself on Capital One ads (“Can you play games on that?” “Not on the runway!”) and did a sketch playing an American Airlines pilot on Saturday Night Live.  I hope to see more graceful recoveries like this one in the future (we all know that the nice-guy act is nice, but Alec is bound to relapse soon).  I love a man who can make fun of himself.

So that’s it, I guess.  People who know me will read this and go “uh-huh, everybody knows your type Minnie:  it’s men with bad tempers.”  I know this is bad news and really shouldn’t be reflected in my celebrity crushes.  But lord help me, I can’t stop myself.  Especially if that man is wearing a suit.

To be fair, Minnie has already written about another celebrity crush who doesn’t have a reputation for violent outbursts.


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