The Games We Don’t Play

Around Shore HQ, we’re fans of games.  Card games, mind games, drinking games…but there are three that we simply cannot play without someone throwing a fit.

Game #1:  Monopoly
Monopoly takes too long and generally loses its appeal after 3 or 4 loops of the board.  Megan and I may be able to stick out a full game, but Heidi becomes such a whiney ball of impatience that we simply don’t play together.  The exact time we figured out she couldn’t play involved cheesecake.  Pity cheesecake, we called it.  During a game in which Heidi was losing, she and one of my roommates ate a whole cheesecake simply because they were so bummed about having to stick out the game even though they were losing.  Now we don’t play because Heidi simply won’t.  How lame.

Game #2:  Apples to Apples
The theory to this game is good.  There’s no set “right” answer and a combination of wit and accuracy will help you along toward the win.  Unfortunately, my sense of humor isn’t always easy to understand, especially in one-word answers to silly questions.  I’ve never won and I’m a pretty sore loser.  Our sorority used Apples to Apples as a fun get-to-know-you game during recruitment for years.  I haven’t played since I left school 3 years ago and my blood still boils thinking about how stupid that game is.  I won’t play it, therefore, The Shore doesn’t play it.


Game #3:  Phase 10
A combination of rummy, Uno and [literal] war, Phase 10 can easily ruin a friendship.  A lot of strategy is involved in handicapping the other players for your own advantage.  Though I played the game a lot as a child and learned to roll with that aspect, Megan didn’t.  The difficulty in recovering after a bad hand combined with personal targeting upsets her.  Heidi and I value our friendship way more than any silly card game, so Phase 10 is another game not seen at our get-togethers.

So those are the three big ones we’ve found.  I’m sure that are more games floating out there in the universe the three of us couldn’t play together, but these are the ones that are absolutely not allowed at the Friendship Shore.
Minnie wants you to know that it’s not her fault no one else thinks she’s funny.



  1. If you’re not big fans of Apples to Apples, try Cards Against Humanity. It’s a party game for horrible people and is hysterically funny, no matter if you have the same sense of humor as the other players.

  2. I just saw that recently and want to give it a try!

  3. Well, of course there’s Jumanji, because of the obvious risks.

    1. Any game that might land me in the jungle with Robin Williams is a no go!

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