How To Make a Friendship Bracelet

  1. Start with three strands of embroidery thread the length of both your arms. Fold each in half.
  2. Tie an overhand knot, leaving a good amount of thread coming out of the top.
  3. Insert a safety pin through the knot and pin it through the seam of your pants around the knee, or tape the strands down onto a surface that won’t move.  (I prefer to use tape, though sometimes your strands will slide around.)



To make a knot, which is what a friendship bracelet is comprised of, follow these 5 steps:

  1. Arrange your threads so that one is going directly down.  Make a triangle with your second thread and have the tail go over the top of the first.  This arrangement should look like a figure 4.
  2. Loop the end of your second thread back behind the first one, then over the top of itself.
  3. Begin tightening the loop.
  4. Pull it all the way up to the top, so it’s tight and secure.
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 once more.  Each “knot” actually consists of the first 4 steps done twice.

For this bracelet, here are the first seven steps:

  1. Start with each matching set of threads next to each other.
  2. Tie three sets of knots, each pair should be tied together.  The thread that is being used to create the knots starts on the left and moves to the right when it’s done.
  3. Next, leave one white thread untampered with to the left.  Tie your second white thread to a red thread. Tie the second red thread to a blue thread.  Leave your second blue thread to the right, untied.  You are beginning to make a diagonal white stripe, the rest of your steps will involve tying both white threads to other colors.
  4. Tie the outside white thread to the closest red thread.  Tie the other white thread to the closest blue thread.  Finally, tie the red thread to the outside blue thread.
  5. Leave one red thread untied to the left.  Tie both white threads to the nearest blue threads.  Leave the other red thread to the right, untied.
  6. Tie the left-hand red thread to the nearest blue thread.  Then tie your white threads to the remaining blue and red ones, respectively.
  7. Leave a blue thread untied to the left.  Tie one red thread to the other blue thread and one white thread to the other red thread.  Leave the remaining white thread untied to the left.
  8. Tie the blue threads together, then the reds, finally the whites.  You have finished your white stripe!
  9. Continue this tying process, working from the left to the right.  Your next stripe should be blue.

Here are some progress photos.

Your bracelet may begin to curve to the right or to the left.  That’s ok, just hold both ends and pull.  That should straighten it out.

When your bracelet is long enough, tie another overhand knot at the end.

That is a nice looking friendship bracelet.


Minnie rocks the friendship bracelet like she’s at summer camp all year long.


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