An Open Letter to Pinterest

Dear Pinterest Users,

You have revolutionized the way I surf the internet.  Everything I could possibly want to waste my time on–whether it be recipes, crafts, or hilarious one-liners–are all collected so neatly for my perusal.  When I’m in need of cheering up, I just turn to you for pictures of dogs getting into trouble.  What can I say?  I’m a sucker for dogs doing funny things.  Or any animal really–especially bears.

However, there are a few things that are less than stellar about Pinterest.  The constant influx of off-season holiday decor ideas, for one.  If you’re pinning Christmas crafts before you can even find Christmas stuff in stores, it’s too early.  After all, if we stop relying on stores to tell us what to buy, where would we be?  Probably making potato stamps that look like poinsettias in April.

And are all those excessively cute pictures of kids really necessary?  I’ll let you in on a little secret: if I’m not related to you, I really don’t care how cute your kid is.  Save it for your family.  Now, if it’s a picture of your kid doing something completely inappropriate, that’s another story.

And to those of you who use Pinterest to plan a wedding when you’re not engaged: I don’t get it. I realize that I may be one of the only women in existence who has never planned her dream wedding.  I know that’s weird and unusual.  But I can’t help but find it kind of ridiculous when people pin wedding stuff when there are no wedding plans in the immediate future.

Really, ladies? Really?

All of those are just minor annoyances that don’t really detract from the fun I have wasting time on Pinterest.  The real issue I have with Pinterest is all the pictures of faceless thin women in workout gear.

Women are objectified frequently in media already, but to see so many women turning other women into nothing more than a perfect body is just terrible.  Ladies, you may want to be thinner, but posting pictures of an idealized female body is not going to make that happen and it’s not going to make you feel any better about yourself.  Do us all a favor and stick to planning your fake wedding.



Heidi thinks talking about herself in the third person is weird, but apparently taglines are a super important blog thing so she’s trying to get over it.


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