Editor Bios

Minnie is a native Portlander who embraces the growing population of hipsters with open arms.  Her life has taken her around the Pacific Northwest and it’s where she feels most at home, despite being bizarrely averse to most outdoor activities.  Her interests include fashion, pop culture, art and history.  Though she was never fond of writing, Minnie launched her first blog, Dress Me Up Dollie in 2008 and began a passionate fling with the written word.  Now that she writes and edits for The Friendship Shore as well, Minnie is thinking about turning writing into a career.

Megan is a Portland native living in Seattle and always dreaming about moving east. She spends her days planning for major disasters, and devotes her free time to NOT thinking about those things. Maybe the earthquake is coming, but work brain gets those worries. She spends her free time snowboarding, hiking, reading, and desperately trying to catch up with her DVR. She has always loved writing, and has been blessed with professors and family who have encouraged her love affair with words. After taking a few years off of writing, she is once again entranced by the thrill of chasing the cursor across the page. She writes for The Friendship Shore, and sporadically keeps her blog highlighting her dream of being on The Amazing Race, The Amazing Race Challenge. She knows the lyrics to every song, but has a terrible tendency to hear them wrong, so you might not want to take her word for it.

Heidi is the California part of The Friendship Shore.  She likes bears in hats and monkeys wearing bowties. She works with pictures of the ground taken from airplanes.  It’s pretty cool.  Heidi started blogging so she could pretend to be an aspiring writer.  Heidi feels really uncomfortable writing about herself in the third person because it’s weird.  Really weird.


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