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Don’t Worry so Much About the President

Tonight President Obama and Governor Romney will meet in their second debate. In three weeks we will cast our votes, mock CNN’s newest piece of election-night technology, and watch the numbers come in as polls close in one state after another. Since I live in Washington, I will come home to my mail-in ballot one […]

But Did You Plan for the Drunk Bears?

There is a story that gets passed on to architecture students, though it is largely thought to be untrue: An architect commissioned to design a library built an outstanding beauty, just to have it sink because he hadn’t taken into account the weight of the books. The message is clear: Pay attention to the little […]

Everything I Need to Know About Friendship, I Learned From Listening to Train

The next sentence is not a mistype: There is a line from a Train song that I’ve always felt has left a permanent dent in one of my friendships. Which I guess just goes to show–you never know which conversations will stick with us throughout our lives; which comments you’ll wish people would let you […]

To Agree or Disagree

It started with a Facebook status. And I’ll admit, it was kind of obnoxious. “Facebook unfriending: a large part of surviving election season (though I’ve mostly been unfamilying people).” After a couple comments, I explained myself: I would never unfriend someone just because we had a different viewpoint on the economy, or government services, or […]

My iTunes is Depressed

We used to be so close. We would shut ourselves up in my dorm, and spend hours doodling on my homework, and catching up on reading. I would highlight the hell out of my books, and you, iTunes, would provide the soundtrack. In those days it was all Jet and Patrick Park. That’s when we […]

Place You Have to Visit: The Olympic Peninsula

Labor day weekend is upon us, and while some of us already have travel plans (weddings, weddings, SO MANY weddings), some of you might still be hunting for something to do. Have no fear: I travel for you so you know the best places to go, things to see, and extremely nerdy tours that I […]

Why Does Anyone Date John Mayer?

Taylor Swift is dating a Kennedy. Surely, this will end in heartbreak and a hit single about what a jerk he is. She will certainly mention his famous family name, and I doubt he’ll actually deserve it. I’ve already expressed my doubts on Taylor’s ability to tell a break up story fairly, but there was […]

On Love, In Seattle

I recently told a friend I hated Seattle, but I knew when I said it that it was a lie. A dramatic turn of phrase. I hate that my best friends have left Seattle. I hate that it is pretty hard to make new friends here, and that I’ve started to feel kind of lonely. […]

How to Not Hike the Pacific Crest Trail

1) Don’t take any practice hikes. You grew up hiking,and it’s basically just walking anyway. 2) Read a book about deaths in Yellowstone. Focus especially on the people killed by bears. Become convinced that if you spill even a little bit of food on your clothes, or wear deoderant, a bear will literally drag you […]

Scenes from a Mystery Illness

I ran my half marathon in June 2011, and now it’s August and I haven’t run much since. I’m feeling a little gross about myself and a lot out of shape, so I start running again. I’m pretty determined about it this time, and start meeting up with Minnie three days a week for cross-training. […]