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An Open Letter to Pinterest

Dear Pinterest Users, You have revolutionized the way I surf the internet.  Everything I could possibly want to waste my time on–whether it be recipes, crafts, or hilarious one-liners–are all collected so neatly for my perusal.  When I’m in need of cheering up, I just turn to you for pictures of dogs getting into trouble. […]

Oil & Vinegar Potato Salad

I think mayonnaise is gross. There’s something about it that just seems unnatural. I know it’s not really — mayo is just oil, vinegar, and egg, after all. Three things I love. But it still gives me the creeps. And so I avoid it. Sometimes, though, I really want potato salad. Potato salad usually brings […]

Credit Sucks, But It’s Also Kinda Cool

Now that you’ve got your spending under control, let’s talk about that fair-weather friend: credit.  Credit kind of sucks, but there’s no escaping it.  It’s also really confusing.  At least I’ve always thought so.  But after some research, I’ve discovered that credit is not a mysterious number that changes on a whim.  You can control […]

Track Your Spending, Or Did I Seriously Spend That Much Money on Coffee Last Month?

So you’ve made a budget of your very own.  That’s super!  Now you just have to keep yourself from buying every awesome thing you see with complete disregard to how much money you’ve budgeted for awesome things.  Here’s what you have to do: Track your spending! I know, it’s a sooo much work and you […]

Personal Finances, Part 1: Writing a Budget

I was talking with a friend the other day about budgeting and when I mentioned that I write out a budget for my expenses, she was surprised.  I was surprised that making a budget was so surprising.  Apparently, not many people take the time to plan out their expenses.  I’m here to give you a […]

No One Cares Who Kristen Stewart Kisses

Dear Internet Media: No one cares that Kristen Stewart had an affair.  No one cares that she’s apparently breaking up with her boyfriend.  And despite what some of you “journalists” might suggest, I really don’t think cheating on her boyfriend and then apologizing for it is going to ruin Kristen’s career.  We’ll still have to […]

Look What I Made: Map Tray

I’m a crafty person.  Being crafty and having a blog seems like a good combination. Unfortunately, I’m not one of those crafty people who remembers to take pictures and document what I’m doing.  In fact, my camera has been broken since a Kentucky Derby party over a year ago, so you’ll have to settle for […]

Alarm Clocks: More Annoying Than Ever

I’ve been having the hardest time getting up to my alarm clock the past few weeks.  Maybe I should go to bed earlier.  Or maybe I should get one of these ridiculous alarm clocks. The Wake-n-Shake iPhone app makes you shake your phone for a reeeally long time before it turns off.  It would certainly […]

Bears Acting Like Humans

Some may call bears the #1 threat to America.  I happen to think they’re very patriotic.  Take this bear very obviously saying the pledge of allegiance. Really, bears are just like humans.  At least some of them seem to think so.

Real Talk: Jobs Edition

I recently got a real-life grown up job in the field of my choice.  It is awesome, but totally weird at the same time.  The weirdness comes from a couple factors: I’m working for the same boss I had during college; and I’m actually starting a career.  That’s just plain crazy! Working for the same […]