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But Did You Plan for the Drunk Bears?

There is a story that gets passed on to architecture students, though it is largely thought to be untrue: An architect commissioned to design a library built an outstanding beauty, just to have it sink because he hadn’t taken into account the weight of the books. The message is clear: Pay attention to the little […]

Bears Acting Like Humans

Some may call bears the #1 threat to America.  I happen to think they’re very patriotic.  Take this bear very obviously saying the pledge of allegiance. Really, bears are just like humans.  At least some of them seem to think so.

Dino Road Trip

It’s no secret that we at The Friendship Shore like dinosaurs.  An eight hour round-trip drive (with only a MIKA CD to keep us entertained) to Prehistoric Gardens–Oregon’s dinosaur themed roadside attraction–proves our dedication to seeking out the best dinosaur experience since the Mesozoic era.  With the help of Minnie’s mad research skills, I put […]

Obituaries for the Goldfish I Have Killed

Goldfish I I don’t remember where you came from; I think maybe the Rose Festival, but it’s impossible to recall. You were my first goldfish. I dumped you into the aquarium with the bubbling treasure chest and the mean zebra fish and all the other fish I loved so much for a time. And then I decided […]