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Credit Sucks, But It’s Also Kinda Cool

Now that you’ve got your spending under control, let’s talk about that fair-weather friend: credit.  Credit kind of sucks, but there’s no escaping it.  It’s also really confusing.  At least I’ve always thought so.  But after some research, I’ve discovered that credit is not a mysterious number that changes on a whim.  You can control […]

Kanye West: Still the Genius Voice of a Generation?

I’m listening to “Watch the Throne” as I write this article, hoping to draw some inspiration from the album.  Besides wanting to do my best hardcore rapper impression, I’m also drawn to a comment Rakim made about Kanye West and Jay-Z’s particular brand of rap.  In an article for The Atlantic, David Samuels asked Rakim, […]

I Want You To Want Me

(Source) I am absurdly underemployed.  As one of the thousands of people who graduated college in 2009, I’ve been facing the recession down the barrel during a time when I’m trying to establish a profession for myself.  In three years, I’ve been an intern (paid and unpaid), a babysitter, unemployed and, for the majority of […]