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Who Should Justin Timberlake REALLY Marry?

Justin Timberlake.  Singer, actor, dater of boring women.  I know his engagement to Jessica Biel isn’t new news, but I’m still upset about it.  There are much better choices he could make.  Let’s explore them! The terrible couple together in 2010. Kate Miucci.  She’s also a singer/actor/comedian.  She’s also cute and funny and quirky.  Sure, […]

No One Cares Who Kristen Stewart Kisses

Dear Internet Media: No one cares that Kristen Stewart had an affair.  No one cares that she’s apparently breaking up with her boyfriend.  And despite what some of you “journalists” might suggest, I really don’t think cheating on her boyfriend and then apologizing for it is going to ruin Kristen’s career.  We’ll still have to […]

The Eternal Struggle: Television versus Movies

There’s always a lot of hype about movies. Insane amounts of money go into them. The special effects are top notch. These all seem like good things. But I still like TV better. Reason #1: Movies are too long Movies are long and just getting longer. Two hours always seemed like a long time for […]