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My iTunes is Depressed

We used to be so close. We would shut ourselves up in my dorm, and spend hours doodling on my homework, and catching up on reading. I would highlight the hell out of my books, and you, iTunes, would provide the soundtrack. In those days it was all Jet and Patrick Park. That’s when we […]

Who Should Justin Timberlake REALLY Marry?

Justin Timberlake.  Singer, actor, dater of boring women.  I know his engagement to Jessica Biel isn’t new news, but I’m still upset about it.  There are much better choices he could make.  Let’s explore them! The terrible couple together in 2010. Kate Miucci.  She’s also a singer/actor/comedian.  She’s also cute and funny and quirky.  Sure, […]

Why Does Anyone Date John Mayer?

Taylor Swift is dating a Kennedy. Surely, this will end in heartbreak and a hit single about what a jerk he is. She will certainly mention his famous family name, and I doubt he’ll actually deserve it. I’ve already expressed my doubts on Taylor’s ability to tell a break up story fairly, but there was […]

Rank a Rapper!

Recently, Megan and I were discussing music and somehow devolved into ranking rappers.  The thing about this ranking is that it’s non-standard.  How so?  Check it out: 1.  Drake Drake, we decided is better than your ex boyfriend, who wrote raps on the toilet at work; but not as good as this video of singing […]

Kanye West: Still the Genius Voice of a Generation?

I’m listening to “Watch the Throne” as I write this article, hoping to draw some inspiration from the album.  Besides wanting to do my best hardcore rapper impression, I’m also drawn to a comment Rakim made about Kanye West and Jay-Z’s particular brand of rap.  In an article for The Atlantic, David Samuels asked Rakim, […]

Why Does Anyone Date Taylor Swift?

Adele wrote a whole album about heartbreak. An album I was both grateful and wistful hadn’t come out five years earlier when it would have spoken to me, and echoed my heart, and cut through me. She took the stages of heartbreak and channeled them. She placed equal blame. And she did it all without […]

Top Five Spice Girls Songs That Were Never Singles

In the 90s I was just another young kid with a pocket full of pogs and the dream that one day, once I was legal, Lance Bass would look my way and fall instantly in love. My tendency to fall for the gay boys aside, the 90s were my oyster. As a pre-teen, my knowledge […]

Why Do I Love Terrible Things: Call Me Maybe

One of the things that the three of us have most in common has always been our love of terrible things. Did we name our blog after a line from Talledega Nights? Yep. Did we once take an 8 hour road trip with just one Mika CD to entertain us for the duration? Affirmative. Is […]