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Sports Bucket List

The concept of the bucket list is not a new one, though it seems to have gained some steam lately. Thank you Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson. Deriving from the Old English phrase “kick the bucket”, this is a list of everything you want to do before you die. The idea is a nice one, […]

Guest Post: Loving Your Team — The Four Pillars of Fandom

As a college sophomore I witnessed one of the most ridiculous football games you will ever see. In 2005, The University of Oregon beat then 18th ranked Oklahoma in a game that left both sets of fans complaining about the refs after an historic comeback by my Ducks. Down 13 points, our quarterback threw his […]

Guest Post: Facing Your Fear of Aging

Anyone who has ever met me understands that while I am anatomically 24, I am physically and emotionally an 85-year-old woman. After years of working in jobs where carrying a purse full of hard candy and taking naps every afternoon was slightly frowned upon,  I finally found my niche in the wonderful world of retirement […]

Guest Post: Why I Do Want Children

I never grew up hearing stories about how I carried my dolls around like babies—that I pretended to feed them or rock them or put them to bed. In reality, I probably dragged them through the dirt by their matted hair after my brother painted them with puffy paint. Regardless of my less-than-nurturing childhood, I […]

Guest Post: I Coulda Been a Contender

When I was 11 years old, we were watching the Olympics one day at a cousin’s house. It was gymnastics, of course, as it always seemed to be in those days– that or hockey. It was all about beating the Russians then, I remember that much distinctly. The family was gathered around the television and […]

So… you want to write a guest post?

We recently decided as our blog really hit its stride, that we wanted to include more than just our own voices. Our goal in creating this blog was to look at life — the silly and the serious — from the perspective of young people in our twenties who share an age range but are […]