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The Big A

When Heidi wrote about why she doesn’t want to have children, her arguments seemed to boil down to being too selfish to be responsible for another human being.  I have to say I feel the same way.  I can barely feed myself (seriously, boiling water takes too long, so I don’t eat anything that can’t […]

Guest Post: Facing Your Fear of Aging

Anyone who has ever met me understands that while I am anatomically 24, I am physically and emotionally an 85-year-old woman. After years of working in jobs where carrying a purse full of hard candy and taking naps every afternoon was slightly frowned upon,  I finally found my niche in the wonderful world of retirement […]

Tattoos and You

  I’m one of those awful people who got a tattoo at 18 and now, 7 years later, I regret it.  Unlike Kimberly Vlaeminck, I luckily didn’t get anything that can’t be covered.  I have 7 stars on my back that I think are ugly as sin.  However, they have meaning for me and reflect […]

Scenes from a Mystery Illness

I ran my half marathon in June 2011, and now it’s August and I haven’t run much since. I’m feeling a little gross about myself and a lot out of shape, so I start running again. I’m pretty determined about it this time, and start meeting up with Minnie three days a week for cross-training. […]

Alarm Clocks: More Annoying Than Ever

I’ve been having the hardest time getting up to my alarm clock the past few weeks.  Maybe I should go to bed earlier.  Or maybe I should get one of these ridiculous alarm clocks. The Wake-n-Shake iPhone app makes you shake your phone for a reeeally long time before it turns off.  It would certainly […]

You Can’t Always Get What You Want

I have a curse.  My hair has been the bane of my existence as long as I can remember.  This straight, voluminous mane mocks me from atop my head every day.  Its ability to bounce back from insane chemical treatments ruins every attempt at an “edgy” or “interesting” hairdo.  Most importantly though, it refuses to […]

Organ vs. Body Donation

On May 1, Facebook announced that they’ll be encouraging their users to declare their organ donor status, according to the New York Times. They say they want to use “peer pressure” to get people talking about organ donation and hopefully get more people to do it.  Personally, I don’t get it. Then again, I don’t understand […]