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Champagne: The Fanciest Wine

It started with a wedding.  I was 19 and while I may have had champagne before, I’d never had good champagne.  I was passed a flute for the toasts and when I sipped that drink, my whole world changed.  It was class, girliness, summertime and love all distilled into a bubbly liquid.  I knew then […]

Drinking: What Happens at Night Stays at Night

I’m a traditionalist.  I like my eggs for breakfast, dessert after dinner (not before), and heavy drinking left for night time.  Heidi recently wrote a post about day drinking, when the sun is out and everything.  I find drinking during the daytime to be a novelty, sure.  Something that I feel rebellious doing, but not […]

Day Drinking: A New Frontier

Those who know me, know that I go to bed early.  Early like your 70 year old grandma goes to bed early.  9pm is not a crazy bedtime in my book.  10:30 is downright late.  Also like your 70 year old grandmother, I like to drink booze.  My favorite way to fit that into my […]