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Everything I Need to Know About Friendship, I Learned From Listening to Train

The next sentence is not a mistype: There is a line from a Train song that I’ve always felt has left a permanent dent in one of my friendships. Which I guess just goes to show–you never know which conversations will stick with us throughout our lives; which comments you’ll wish people would let you […]

How To Make a Friendship Bracelet

Start with three strands of embroidery thread the length of both your arms. Fold each in half. Tie an overhand knot, leaving a good amount of thread coming out of the top. Insert a safety pin through the knot and pin it through the seam of your pants around the knee, or tape the strands […]

The Games We Don’t Play

Around Shore HQ, we’re fans of games.  Card games, mind games, drinking games…but there are three that we simply cannot play without someone throwing a fit. Game #1:  Monopoly Monopoly takes too long and generally loses its appeal after 3 or 4 loops of the board.  Megan and I may be able to stick out […]

The Story I’m Not Allowed to Tell

When I was in 8th grade I won a limo lunch. That’s all I have to say, and my friends start ducking me. They groan, “Nooooo.” They cover their ears. My guy says, “I thought you weren’t going to tell this story anymore.” The Limo Lunch Story, they call it. I don’t even have to […]

How Not to be Jealous of a Friend’s Baby

One of the strangest things about passing the 25 years old line, is that my friends have started to want babies. Not just want to hold them, or play with them, but want them. Want them in their bodies, in their homes, in the backseat of the car — with them. All the time. They […]