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Why Do I Love Terrible Things: Alec Baldwin

I never cared all that much about Alec Baldwin before 30 Rock.  Frankly, I wouldn’t have known him if I saw him on the street.  Also, there are 4 Baldwin brothers who are all actors, so even if you’d said “that’s Alec Baldwin!” when he walked by, I wouldn’t have known the difference between him […]

What You’ve Missed In Reality TV This Summer

For some reason, no one I know has the same appetite for reality TV that I do.  I never thought of myself as one of “those” reality TV nuts, but recently more than one person has made a comment about how they’re just not as into it as me.  Megan and Heidi also both say […]

Why Do I Love Terrible Things: Teen Mom

I have already made it immensely clear that I like trashy TV.  So it’s not surprising to you when I announce that I love Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2, right?  Once you’re done laughing at how ridiculous I am, I will give you the basic breakdown of what I enjoy about the show. If […]

Why Do I Love Terrible Things: Grey’s Anatomy

I swear I’m not obsessed with TV. It just seems that way. To continue the trend, let’s talk about Grey’s Anatomy. I recently started watching it on Netflix. I’m only about halfway through season 2, but I’m kind of addicted. Addicted, even though I know it’s terrible. The characters are excessively childish and selfish, if […]

Why Do I Love Terrible Things: Cheyenne Jackson

(Source) I’m not typically one for celebrity stalking.  Rarely do I have favorite celebrities whose every move I watch.  However, I do have a ton of actors whose work I love and who I get excited about when they cross the screen.  I will often squeal and send Megan excited Gchats that say things like […]

Why Do I Love Terrible Things: The Kardashians

There was a time when I thought I loved the Kardashians. Sure they were horrible, in their own overly-tanned, overly-exposed, overly-E! way, but there was something about them. I would blush and hide my face; I would admit that no college educated, intelligent woman should be into this kind of thing; I would try to […]

Why Do I Love Terrible Things: TV Shows About Giant Families

To continue with the trend of defending terrible TV shows, this week I’ll be talking about my overwhelming love of television shows about giant families, such as 7th Heaven and 19 Kids and Counting. In high school I was a foreign exchange student in Austria.  People would often ask me what America was like.  My […]

Why Do I Love Terrible Things: Glee

We keep a little spreadsheet of post ideas and publish dates around here at The Friendship Shore headquarters.  When I opened it up just now to see what my next post should be about, a big grin spread across my face.  “Glee” read the topic cell.  The chorus singing the word “Glee!” like at the […]

Why Do I Love Terrible Things: Call Me Maybe

One of the things that the three of us have most in common has always been our love of terrible things. Did we name our blog after a line from Talledega Nights? Yep. Did we once take an 8 hour road trip with just one Mika CD to entertain us for the duration? Affirmative. Is […]