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But Did You Plan for the Drunk Bears?

There is a story that gets passed on to architecture students, though it is largely thought to be untrue: An architect commissioned to design a library built an outstanding beauty, just to have it sink because he hadn’t taken into account the weight of the books. The message is clear: Pay attention to the little […]

Business Travel

When I first graduated, I had a vague idea of what I hoped to do with my degrees in Anthropology and Political Science, and an even hazier view of the path ahead. One of the things I wanted most was a job where I got to travel — put on my suit, wheel my little […]

Real Talk: Jobs Edition

I recently got a real-life grown up job in the field of my choice.  It is awesome, but totally weird at the same time.  The weirdness comes from a couple factors: I’m working for the same boss I had during college; and I’m actually starting a career.  That’s just plain crazy! Working for the same […]